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Angelique was just a presumably normal girl attending school in a fictional world called Arcadia. In Arcadia, there are life-draining monsters called Thanatos, who plague the populace and only those that are Purifiers can exterminate them, which there are only a few. But, one day, Angelique is visited by a Purifier named Nyx. Nyx was interested in the power that Angelique possessed and asked her to join his organization, which is made-up of Purifiers who exterminate Thanatos. Angelique refused since she wanted to become a doctor, like her parents. However, later Angelique's school is attacked by a Thanatos, and she ends up purifying the creature, activating her powers because she wants to protect those in danger. She finds out that she has a unique purifying power, and that she is the one that has been foretold in legends, the "Queen's Egg". It is then that her journey begins, and she becomes the only female Purifier in the world.

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